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Thursday, February 6th   Keto Info & Cooking Class
Thursday, February 7th   Insta-Pot Recipes Cooking Class

OK, seems like two popular cooking choices for the New Year are the Keto diet and the Insta-pot. So, why not have cooking classes dedicated to these two styles of cooking. 
On Wednesday, February 6th, Roxane will be hosting a class with information on the keto diet, followed by cooking some popular Keto recipes.
We will start class with “Buffalo wings with chili aioli”, while enjoying a “Butter Coffee, “Assorted Kombucha”, and hot tea.
   Following Roxane’s brief introduction, you will learn how to make recipes like “Cabbage lasagna”, “Salmon tandoori with cucumber sauce over crispy salad”, “Zucchini “potato” salad”, and “Avocado deviled eggs”. You will also learn how to make “Low-carb cauliflower mash with keto gravy”, “Keto bread”, “Asian cabbage stir-fry”, and for dessert, we will be serving “Chocolate fat bombs” and “Easy chocolate mousse”. There will also be a “Keto smoothie for you to enjoy.
Cost is $30.00 and starts at 5:45. (hands-on class). $10 discount for taking both classes
Yes, we all purchased them or got one for Christmas, so let us learn how to use them. During this class we will learn recipes using our insta-pot with side dishes and different breads.  Thursday, February 7th, we will be starting the evening with “Insta-pot potato soup”, with cheesy bites”, while enjoying beer, wine, and our first cocktail, “Insta-pot sangria”.
During class we will be creating recipes such as “Insta-pot chicken fajitas”, with “Black bean & corn salad with cumin-lime dressing”, and “Homemade cornbread with maple glaze”, and “Insta-pot chili”, with “cheese pepper crackers”. You will also enjoy “Insta-pot roasted whole chicken”, with “Our famous gorgonzola mashed red potatoes”, and “Insta-pot lasagna, with a “Caesar salad with homemade lemon Caesar dressing”, and for our dessert, we will be making “Insta-pot chocolate lava cakes”. Our drink selection will be some of Scott’s fun past creations. This will be a hands on course, so bring your aprons!!! Samples of all drinks & foods created will be available for your enjoyment. 
 The class will be held at 11712 E. Boone Ave in the Spokane Valley and starts at 5:45 P.M. and last until 8:30 P.M.  You must be 21 years of age or older.
Cost is $50.00 per person. Class size is limited. Both classes for $70.00 (a $10.00 discount)
Please RSVP @ 509-939-4527 or by email

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